Saturday, 9 May 2009

How To draw Manga

Here is a great E-book teaching by the steps how to start drawing Manga

  • How To Draw Manga - Getting Started

  • How to Draw Anime for Beginner [ENG]

  • How to Draw Manga. Vol. II. Compiling Techniques

  • How to Draw Manga. Vol. III. Compiling Application and Practice

  • How to Draw Manga - Basics of Hair, Eyes, Deform, Tips, Characters Mangazeichnen Englisch

  • How to Draw Manga - Bishoujo Around the World

  • How to draw manga volume 20-techniques for drawing - female manga characters

  • How to Draw Manga - Dressing Your Character in Casual Wear

  • How to Draw Manga - Bodies and Anatomy

  • How To Draw Manga - Giant Robots

  • How To Draw Manga - Battles

  • How To Draw Manga - Illustrating Battles

  • How to Draw Anime

  • How to Draw Manga - Anime and Game Characters

  • How to Draw Chibis


  1. Oh, thanks! Very helpful!

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